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Welcome to Gracefully Global Group, LLC, award-winning, independent, multicultural educational publisher of innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship case studies and DVD content. Shop our online store here for author-signed copies of books and more.

We create, market and present content that informs, inspires and motivates a variety of audiences into action with a special focus on creating multicultural literature for use in K-12 school districts. We provide uniquely inspirational and informative literature and workshop services to school districts so that all children, including children of color, can see MANY successful, educated role models in their school books and on their tablets. Then, they can imagine themselves as successful adults too. In this short video, our CEO Graciela Tiscareno-Sato, speaks to the purpose and impact of our work.

We help select aspiring authors birth their books successfully.

Our first bilingual children's book, that debuted on three Amazon bestseller lists on the 4th of July, has been included in the "Remarkable Latino Children's Literature of 2013" list as seen here. It was just named a finalist in the “Best Educational Children’s Book – Bilingual” category by the judges for the 2014 International Latino Books Awards that will be decided in June at the American Library Association convention in Las Vegas.

We offer a variety of speaking topics to event planners and conference organizers to inform and inspire your event's attendees. Books gifted to attendees, with your organization's logo on the cover, make great gifts that keep your brand visible as books get shared back home.

We provide:
  • Book publishing and promotion services, with emphasis on content that showcases positive imagery from the vibrant, diverse Latino community.
  • Coaching towards birthing your own book from within, then
  • Planning the marketing campaign for a successful book launch
  • Marketing message creation (to motivate diverse audiences)
  • Personal branding seminars (including the unique "Personal Branding for Veterans" workshop)
  • Feature articles for association publications

Our business philosophy is to deliver ideas and content that you will not be able to receive anywhere else. Graciela draws upon her unique life and professional experiences that have occurred on four different continents. Her global view, two decades working in different nations, experience managing diverse work groups, bilingual skills and fearless strategic thinking all bring a unique perspective to problem solving and idea generation. These aspects will directly benefit you and help you accomplish your goals.

Our first book Latinnovating®: Green American Jobs and the Latinos Creating Them was honored at the 2012 International Latino Book Awards. Read more here and order at here.

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Gracefully Global Group LLC is certified as SBE, WBE and MBE with several organizations. Latinnovating® is a registered trademark of Gracefully Global Group LLC.

22568 Mission Blvd No. 427, Hayward, CA 94541 (510) 542-9449